Thursday, 9 January 2014

Post-mat lad

As featured on Mark's site — noise in the hothouse (link through main Hothouse site to hear the result) Ezra's fabulous noise box, created for Mark for Christmas.
Fabricated totally out of found materials, it's my idea of a real Christmas present.
Ezra is a budding electronics wizard, but interested mainly in re-using knobs, switches, motors and all the other detritus he winkles out of old abandoned radios, cassette decks etc from our local dump and the Aude's cathedral to recycling — le parchemin.
For some years we cowered downstairs while the small mad professor upstairs shrieked when something didn't work; soldering that fell apart, the LED that failed to pulse in the right sequence etc etc. Now, it's mainly calm up there, a more sanguine air about him when something fails; a new more dogmatic urge to keep trying until whatever it is succeeds.
We were walking the dogs the other day past a decrepit but attractive stone warehouse and Ezra informed me that he could imagine working somewhere like that in the future; taking in unwanted old electrical equipment and making useful needed items.
I for one can see this being very much the reality at some point . . .

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