Monday, 26 March 2012

Waste not

I'm so happy, tra la la. Super Ed has fixed up a pipe from the bath upstairs, through the attic, down the wall and into this sturdy green plastic item. Alan the plumber had already made a system at the end of the bath so that you can choose to run the waste water either to drain or into said new pipe. Fab!
Bio soap only, bien sur, and no lovely bath foam, but the plants should be joyful as this dry season approaches . . .well we're already in it An elderly man came to deliver sheep poo to us the other day: we had a good chat about weather, the garden etc. He asked whether we had water, i.e a well, I described my endeavors to catch any spare water, he thought this admirable and said goodbye, his parting comment was, "water, the battle of the future." How true I think.

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