Saturday, 5 November 2011

Culture in the Aude

Thanyou mum, for unearthing this classic of the 1970's. Was discovered in the deep recesses of a kitchen cupboard full of foil trays and tupperware with no lids. Neglected and unloved, it has been transported to the R. S. P. O. C. T. N. E. W. (Royal society for protection of old crap things that no one else wants.) Or The Hothouse.
Now, gleaming and filled with happy cow's milk and bit of excited yogurt, it is gracing our kitchen with it's matching mustard to tile colour and friendly red light.
Also another point about this, and it's ecologic impact (or hopefully not) is that we no longer have to buy yogurt in silly little plastic pots, which are seemingly impossible to recycle here? and although it will take a tad of electricity to run, I think it's own carbon footprint will be about the size of a newt's.
The world's economy seems to be on the brink of collapse, ho hum, at least we can hopefully have low cost yogurt.

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