Friday, 18 February 2011

A tale of two sofas.

The hohouse contains very little new furniture, in fact...none at all, apart from a small shelf called 'GIT' from Ikea which has never been put up.
The brown sofa story:
It came from an ebay ad. We had long thought that sitting on a small futon was no longer good for increasingly old bones in long winters. It was clean, comfy and rather wonderful until both dogs decided to really make it their own by vomiting on it after eating something...not sure what...Sorry Chris and Emma, who have taken it in the great chain of recycling. Anyway all the cushions came off, and it was too dreadful to put them back on, so we put lots of 'scatter' cushions on instead and it continued to be almost wonderful.
Red sofa story:
When we finally admitted that the layout of our front room meant that the sofa without proper cushions was not working, I looked in 'Le bon coin' for another, this time of an angle type. This one is brilliant, you can push all the elements together and create a sort of fuggy red velour evening human/dog nest. Its only been pooped on by the parrot so far, and the cat will become pet food if he scratches it.
As before mentioned Chris and Emma have pre-longed the life of our once very good quality sofa and its sort of matching chair which came from parchemin, as they have just purchased a very large rambling abode, may they serve you well.
Check out 'le bon coin' for super bargains, recycle, recycle, recycle....

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