Saturday, 17 October 2009

Puritan fridge

This is the hothouse compound fridge. It is under observation by Mark at all times. Mark, not only is post materialist (exceptions for books c.d's and music stuff generally) he is a puritan. If there is more than one small piece of cheese, a couple of eggs and some butter he shows signs of stress. The usual result of this is delicious cake....and then a trip to a shop again to by something to put back in the fridge, probably not the most efficient way to operate...perhaps he continues a close connection with his hunter-gatherer ancestors, in his case, probably more gatherers.
This amount of provisions is also reflected in the 'the pantry' and fruit/veg dept. It can be a bit sad to find, just what you know will be there, no hidden chocolate cup cakes, no multi pack of beef and onion crisps, but it does mean that there is never any waste food, and as long as one can rustle up a quick 'red and runny'* when sudden guests appear all is well.
We have been mainly vegetarian since Mark came back from a trip to India last year with no achy joints. I think we do all feel healthier, and shopping has become much cheaper.
The market here is great, quite a lot of organic veg, and local produce. I love the seasonal aspect to food shopping in France. No strawberries in January, massive gluts of apricots at the right time...jam, pies, stewed and then frozen fruit, a joy in mid-winter.

*Red and runny: something which always starts with oil, garlic, onion, then whatever veg is around, then tinned tomatoes and know, student food, but we have had some really excellent ones.

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